Friday, January 30, 2009

Memphis Bleek In D.C. For Obama

3 Foot bottles!?

Devon Harris makes it to the all-star game

Hopefully this boost his confidence up and helps get the Nets to the playoffs but lets see.
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Happy kid today, and he deserves to be.

"Obviously I'm excited. It's a big accomplishment," Devin Harris, who didn't even bother to apply his usual poker face. "I worked very hard to get there. I'm happy. The coaches, I have to thank them for voting me in and recognizing all the hard work. (But the buzz) only lasts for a little while, because we have five games before the break and we have to get back on track."
Read the rest here

Serius Jones - Top 5 girls He Would Smash

Mad Late but Related: Charles Hamilton vs Serius Jones Battle at SOB's

Miss Info Slaughterhouse Interview

Ransom-The Amazing

It's been a minute but I'm back! New music from the Jersey City native Ransom. Off the up-coming mixtape "Best In The City Pt.3".
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Ransom-It's Amazing This was sent to me but the link was jacked from On-Smash. Laziness? Maybe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HipHopGameTV Roundtable with 9th Wonder , Young Guru, Young Chris & Neef

This is the second time I've heard Young Guru kicks some knowledge and it has opened my eyes. Why this dude has not been offered a executive position is beyond me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nucci Reyo "The Only Way" Sequel Behind The Scenes

New Jersey Drive TV Presents: Nucci Reyo Interview

The governor of New Jers, Nucci Reyo kicks it with artist Luguz for New Jersey Drive TV for a in depth interview on the origination of the name "Nucci Reyo",Jersey Unity and much more.

Luguz-Monday Morning Session

Luguz goes in on late Sunday,early monday to record these two crazy freestyles. Check em out!!!
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Whats going on blogworld?? Its LuGuz back again with some more goodies for ya'll!!! WOW! What a day... it started with interviewing one of the most underrated mc's outta Jersey.. Nucci Reyo. Nucc hit me up said he was shooting a video.. I was like thats my mans so I had to come through and show support and while I was at it... I gave Nucc a lil interview for my main man klapton's blog, Needless to say, video was dope, interview was dope, we had a good time and freezed our asses offf!!!! LOL But anyway after doing all that me, klapton, and my producer Starscream hit the studio and started vibing out! Man we got some stuff coming boy!!! Whoa!! LOL and yes you see the pic.. LuGuz is starting to produce LOL! Gotta wait to hear the fire! But anyway its 2 in the morning on a monday and we cooked up some more classic freestyles for ya!!! I hope you enjoy!! I really think they came out dope! But I hope you guys like em as well! Blogs and websites put these up!!! They're crazy!! I'll let the music speak for itself! Shouts to X, Splash, Shake, Lowkey, Eskay, Legend and anyone else I forgot! I appreciate all the love from the NMC and the listeners! Catch ya on the next one! PEACE!!

Luguz-Letter To P.U.N.
Luguz-So Easy Freestyle

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cipha Sounds Speaks To President Obama

Bacrock Obama & Hov

Affion Crockett catches up with Hov to ask him does he get mad when he does the jiggaman voice. Hilarious!!

Byrd Gang,Skull Gang & 730 Dips XXL Photo Shoot

Like my boy Sha would say, Is it really Dipset?

Oh What a Night

Joe thanks the fans for coming out, while his girl cooks breakfast.

Slaughterhouse - Onslaught (Live At SOBs)

I dont even want to explain what happened to me and my dude Luguz last night. Needless to say we missed this show. Oh well, sure there will be others.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

AC-I Get It In

"Across The Gothels Bridge" Ac goes in on Curtis's Instrumental. Shotus To Tapemasters Inc.
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Ac-I Get It In

Big Lou-HipHopGame Interview

Big Lou speaks on his new mixtape The 24 Hour mixtape, working with Kay Slay, his future in the game, Saigon and Joe Budden and more.
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Click Here To Read The full Interview

Saigon Denies Squashing The Beef With Joe Budden, “That’s Totally Bullshit”

Looks like the twitter post Just Blaze made yesterday was false. The beef continues!! Which makes going to this show tonigh a lot more interesting. Will Joe respond? XXL caught up with Sai to find out whats really going on. Check out the article below.
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With the net buzzing with reports that Saigon and Joe Budden have squashed their escalating beef, got in touch with The Yardfather to find out the details. Problem is Sai says that never happened.

When asked to confirm whether or not he got on the phone with Budden, Sai denied everything that Just Blaze wrote on his twitter account last night. “Nah that’s what Just Blaze wants to happen in his heart,” he said. “I don’t know where he got that information from but that’s totally bullshit.“

In fact Sai thinks Blaze said that to cool things down. “I don’t know where that came from,” he explained. “For a while you know Just been trying to squash that shit cause he understands what it can turn in to. He just doesn’t wannsa see it go past –you know just being around me and a lot of my people – and he doesn’t wanna see it go anywhere other than wax. And he knows that’s very, very, very likely gonna happen.”

As of press time Just Blaze has not retunred any emails.

As XXL reported yesterday, Budden will be performing tonight at S.O.B.’s as a part of the newly formed supergroup Slaughterhouse. While Sai is cool with the rest of the crew – which consists of Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5’9” and Crooked I, he says he will not be going to the show. “There’s really no need to be there, “ he said. “I would love to see the show as a hip-hop fan – they all talented people - I wanna see what they can come up with, but with that other shit that’s not gonna happen.”

“We wanna see what Joey’s gonna do,” he added, “Cause he claims he’s gonna go there and do something. He’s gonna put his foot in my ass or whatever – so I don’t know where this phone shit came from.”

Sai announced on his last diss track “Pushin Buddens,” which was released earlier this week, that he’s done with adding fuel to the fire, but admitted to XXL that he will keep on putting out records if he has to. “To tell you the truth I don’t want to but you know know that shit is getting fun, ’cause I don’t really battle but it’s fun now – now i’ll come back 10 times stronger than I came,” he said about putting out another track. “So if his shit ain’t 10 times stronger that that ‘Pain in his Life‘ – which I know he can’t make a better record than that – if he can make a better record that than shit, he’s good, then I gotta step my shit up and do it again.”

Sai’s new mixtape, Warning Shots 2, is slated to hit the streets in April with production by Just Blaze, Scram Jones, Bucwild and himself. – Jesse Gissen

Live Slaughterhouse Show Tonight!! 8PM EST!!

Thats right if you can't make it to the show tonight @ S.O.B.'s, the good people @ Amalgam Digital are broadcasting it live via Live Webcast. You can watch the show right here @ New Jersey Drive. Show starts @ 8pm EST. Tune In!! I've added the chatroom to, so you can chat about the show you are missing in person. lol!!


Slaughterhouse Goes In!!

Move On Remix,Freestyle on Shade 45 Video & Audio Download. Looks like its a Slaughterhouse party today! Big show 2nite in which I think Saigon will be making a appearance since him & Joe have quit the bullshit. I'm not gonna lie I was entertained but I'm glad its over. I will have live video from the show 2nite playing on the site. Make sure to tune in!!

Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden, Royce The 5′9 & Crooked I - Move On (Slaughterhouse Remix) [CDQ]

Kayslay Shade 45 Slaughterhouse Freestyle

Just Blaze Twiiter Post Joe Budden Vs. Saigon Is Over!

Looks like the beef is over. Who won? I got Sai on the top of this. But I'm glad its over. Slaughterhouse Show @ SOB's 2nite. I will be there!!
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Donny Goines-Never Let My Talent Die (Prod. By Disco D) R.I.P.

R.I.P David "Disco D" Shayman/ September 21st, 1980 - January 22nd, 2007
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From The Email:This song isn't new, I made this back in 07 and the reason was simple. I wanted to make sure I kept my friend's name out there even after death. Disco D was a person who made a great impact in my life and was one of the most genuine people I've ever met. As long as I continue to do music I will keep his name and memory alive.
Donny Goines-Never Let My Talent Die (Prod. By Disco D)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joe Budden TV: Kill BH listens to Saigon Diss for the first time

Saigon-Pushin' Buddens (Joe Buddens Diss)

Ok, now I just officially put my foot in my mouth. (Pause) When i said it was over the last time Joe dropped "Pain is His Life" I didn't know Sai was gonna come with this. Sorry Joe and sorry Jers for what I'm about to say. Sai is officially winning this battle. But let's not count Joe out. He has a big show 2morrow and I expect to here a viscious comeback. If not, Sai is gonna take this home. Soryy, thats just what it is.
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Saigon-Pushin' Buddens (Joe Buddens Diss)

Luguz-Mic Murder

Jersey native Luguz goes in on 1 of Biggie's original demo beats "Microphone Murderer". His verse consist of a bunch of Biggie songs to make up his rhyme. Dope track. Press Play!
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Luguz-Mic Murder

Here is what Luguz had to say about the track: What's going on blogworld?! Its Luguz live in the place to be.. I am feeling so inspired right now! I literally just walked out of the movie theatre and Im writing this on my phone cause Im just too hyped right now. LOL! "Notorious" was a classic! Please go watch it if your a fan of hip hop, if your a fan of music, if your a fan of art, if your a fan of anything go watch it! The movie is a perfect time capsule for how great music was 15 years ago! So with that being said.. I just hit my man Klapton, he got the protools ready... just hit my man x who blessed me with a gem... and needless to say by the time ya read this email.. This crazy inspired track Im about to do will be blaring through your desktop or notebook speakers... Please enjoy... I guarantee you you will not be disappointed! Oh yeah and its official, I am truly in love with Hip Hop all over again LOL... "THE ROCK PREMIER PART 2" 2nd quarter I promise!!!

Obama inauguration as seen across New Jersey

Ledger Live: Obama inauguration as seen across New Jersey

Shaq wants to keep the Nets in Dirty Jers

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The question nags at Shaquille O'Neal every time he visits his home city now, the same way it should nag at every basketball fan in this state. He sees the gleaming Prudential Center in the heart of a community that loves his sport, then shakes his head in wonder and frustration. Read the full story here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Padded Room Commercial

Joe Budden uses his girl as a marketing tool. And I gotta to say that it works. Check out the video & listen to the shot @ the end towards Saigon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show with Notorious BIG (1994)

Ok, last post for the day. I'm off to get ready for the Biggie movie tonight. Hope it doesn't disappoint. I would have saw it this morning @ 12am but Jersey Gardens movie theater was scared to play it @ such late hour. Anyway, check out this interview with Biggie & 411 Knowledge.

Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua gets cut from Columbia

Check out the story below from I wonder if this will effect Jim Jones up-coming project.
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By Ed Christman, N.Y.

Sony Music Entertainment began cutting staff today (Jan. 15), with the process expected to be completed tomorrow, sources tell

At deadline, at least 30 people had been cut from the company's two distribution companies: Sony Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales, and RED.

At the major distribution company, those cut from the staff included senior VP of sales Colin Willis, director of western region sales Laurel Polson and director of eastern region sales John Hawn, according to sources.

Additionally, Sony's Columbia Records has laid off several of its staff members, including president of urban music Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua and urban marketing executive Al Branch. Several regional promotional staff members have also been let go.

It is unclear who will follow Joshua to guide Columbia's urban department,
or who will handle the projects of Jim Jones and the Clipse. Both artists were signed by Joshua.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the layoffs occurred at the major label distribution company, with RED's body count reduced by about eight staffers, sources add.

Sony Music Entertainment representatives declined comment.

Superstar LT Feat. Akon-Dreamer

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Superstar LT Feat. Akon-Dreamer Shouts 2 J. Morgan & X for the link

The PRODUCE SECTION: KiD CuDi & Ryan Leslie in the Studio

Ryan Leslie x Kid Cudi @ studio from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

Mouse Address's Saigon Comments on Shade 45

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Joe Budden addresses Saigon comments with Angela Yee

Soundoff Joe Budden Interview

Bet's and Youheardthatnew's Lowkey interviews Joe Budden @ his album release party for Padded Room.

Serius Jones presents "GOT BARS" part4 - GETSERIUS.COM

Saigon Responds To Joe Budden's Letter

I don't know what it is but it seems like everybody wants to beat up Joe Budden. Can we keep it on wax and see who's nicer?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jay-Z Brooklyn Born,New Jersey Raised...

Well, he wasn't raised in Jersey but his hustler mentality was. East Trenton to be exact. Check out this excerpt below from Hiphopdx's interview with Dehaven, Jay-Z's old friend.
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HipHopDX: I want to rewind it to the very beginning. Who was De-Haven in 1988? Because obviously, that's the timeline that we've gotten on the rap side of things.
De-Haven: De-Haven was a young hustler that was making major moves out on the streets doing my own thing; holding down family and friends wherever I found myself. De-Haven was about money. If it didn't make money, it didn't make sense. De-Haven was chasing money across state lines in '88, going for that double or nothing type money. It wasn't a game. I had moved out of state, [to] Trenton, New Jersey, and it was poppin' like hot butter on popcorn. A couple months later, I came back for [Jay-Z], I let him know that it was all good, and he came out. My aunt was good people, and before you knew it, Jay never went back home. [At this point,] I had my homeboy with me, you couldn't tell me nothing. Money was coming, chicks everywhere, and the road ahead was alright. Check out the rest of the interview here

Joe Budden-Letter To Saigon

Let the games begin! You know what this is about. Press Play!
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Joe Budden-Letter To Saigon Shouts To Nahright

Saturday, January 10, 2009

N.O.R.E. & Ron Browz Interview w/ Vlad

I don't know about a new sound but I like this record. Behind the Scenes

Jadakiss-Can't Stop Me/Album Artwork

I don't think I ever anticipated a Jadakiss album as much as this one. I will be supporting come March. Make sure to get your lazy ass's off the computer and go cop this!!!
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Jadakiss-Can't Stop Me (Clean)

Cookin' Soul

Two new tracks from the Spaniard boyz, Cookin' Soul.
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Skyzoo-On Fire (Prod. By Cookin' Soul)
Kanye West-Crack Muzik (Cookin' Soul Remix) Off that DJ Benzi & Plain Pat-Sky High Mixtape

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big Lou Spits Some Bars For New Jersey Drive TV

Big Lou goes in as usual. Make sure to download the mixtape I posted a few days ago. And I'll say it again, Lou has some shit coming this year that will open your eyes up fully to his talent. Shouts to the adlib king. He was on his 5th cup of something and you can hear how he does the illest adlibs in the background.


I love the face, I love the body but what I love most is the accent!! Just Sexxy!!!
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LT Ft. Freeway-Philly 2 Beantown

Supastar LT has been stringing sharp-witted words together for years and already worked and recorded alongside major Hip-Hop artists like Fat Joe, Jim Jones, DJ Khaled, Trey Songz, Lil Scrappy, AZ, Akon, Foxy Brown, Rick Ross, Fabolous, just to name a few. At just 20-years-old the Boston rapper has already perfected his craft and built up a heavy buzz in the streets. This very promising and extremely talented young gunner is a "Supastar" in the making, without a doubt. Get familiar!
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LT Ft. Freeway-Philly 2 Beantown Shouts to John 21st Century

Mick Boogie Continues....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Press Play Show on Shade 45 Every Sat. 8pm-10pm EST I'll be tuned in, will you?
6th Sense, A Pinks, Emilio Rojas, and Skyzoo-Press Play Show Promo

Nore-Rotate Behind the Scenes

Lu we was supposed to go to this video shoot. What happened? I forgot to ask you

N.O.R.E. - "Rotate" Behind The Scenes from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

John Brown vs. Joe Budden

At the listening party for Joe's up-coming album with Amalgam Digital

Grafh - What Goes Around

Grafh - What Goes Around (prod. by Freeze) from ListenClose Music Group on Vimeo.

Click Here for Behind The Scenes

Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz - Piano Lessons

Joe Budden-Step Back Minus Brisco

So I decided to take off Brisco cause I wasn't really diggin' his verse. But I had the courtesy of keeping him on the intro and hook. Joe does his thing as usual. Check it out! Shouts to Onsmash & Nahright 4 the pic
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Joe Budden-Step Back

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Lou-24 HOURZ Mixtape

Big Lou is on his grind this year. He has several mixtape projects lined up with various DJ's set to drop throughout the year. And your boy might even be dropping one. The dude is crazy talented and he's got some hits in the stash!!! Trust & belive. Well, here is his first tape, done in 24 Hourz!!! Worktime, ladies & gentlemen, it's worktime. 09 here we come! Shouts to Jersey!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Download: Big Lou 24 Hourz Mixtape

D.O.E. - Watchin Me (Ft. Joell Ortiz & Akua Taylor)

Dope video, dope song! Watch!

A.P. - Hit Me (I’m Not A Dealer) Prod. by No ID

New track from Eastwick native A.P.. He's got a mixtape dropping soon. So stay tuned for that. Shouts to Nahright
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A.P.-Hit Me (I'm Not A Drug Dealer) Prod. by No ID

Fist Full Of Money

Here is a new joint from uptown's/Purple City Capo Shiest BuBz produced By the Spaniard boyz Cookin' Soul. I gotta say that these producers are crazy talented and are dominating the upcoming producer game. This joint is another banger to add to their collection with a catchy hook and hard hitting drums. Mc's, need beats? Holla @ them! Oh and Shiest does hit thing to.
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Shiest Bubz - Fistfullofmoney (Prod. by Cookin Soul) feat. Rozay Richie & Streetz Da Block

I'm Back!!!

Ok, its been a minute. Just got back from a long christmas and new years vaca. So to start things off here is some new B.Cole tracks. Dude is nice and I'm diggin his music. Yall should to!!
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BC - Everyday Life (Produced by Anno Domino)
BC - Cole Rockin' It
BC - The Rhythm of the Drum (Prod. by Statuz)