Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lu-Guz & Tom Gist Stealing Subconscious Threads

Luguz & Tom Gist in the studio working on "The Rock Premier Pt.2" mixtape. Tom Gist offers some work out tips for the masses all while tryin to steal some Subconscious Threads T-Shirts. Lol. Lu-guz says some "Brokeback,Pausable,No Homo" comments. Hilarious!

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, "THE ROCK PREMIER PT.2" is on its way. And like I said yesterday thats gonna be crazy and will be hosted by some very special people. It will feature the best of the best up & coming artist in the game. Tom Gist,AC,Esso,Nucci Reyo,A.P.,Rain,Outasight and more!! But being the work-a-holics that we are, we decided to start another project. Lu-Guz x A.P. x DJ Klapton=??? We are about 30% done with it and we just started it last night!! 3/26/09. It will be completly produced by myself (DJ Klapton) with some guest production by my dude Producer"Starscream". Stay Tuned!!! In this video A.P. & Lu-guz have a conversation about smoking cigarettes,MC's collabing and much more!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jersey artist Lu-Guz speaks on sneaking his way into the "Foundation Magazine" photo shoot for DJ's. They will photoshop his ass out if they see this. LOL. Also,Lu-Guz speaks on the next "THE ROCK PREMIER Pt.2" mixtape. If you don't know what the "Rock Premier" is just google it! Nah, I'll explain. Lu-Guz takes 6 tracks from legendary producer Pete "Rock" & 6 tracks from legendary producer DJ "Premier" and kills the tracks. Get it, got it, GOOD! This mixtape will be featuring artist "AC,Tom Gist,A.P.,Outasight,Esso,Smiffson,Nucci Reyo,etc.." And it looks like this second mixtape will be hosted by some special people. This video also shows jersey artist "A.P." & harlem artist "Tom Gist" chilling in the studio working on "The Rock Premier PT.2". Also look out for a special collaborative project from myself (DJ Klapton) Lu-Guz & A.Pcoming soon. It's gonna be crazy!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Joe Budden Interview @ The Cop Shop

Joey responds to the Boston situation @ The Cop Shop. Saigon text him in the middle of the interview.

Joe Budden talks Saigon and show in Boston from Terrence on Vimeo.

DJ Drama & Cookin' Soul Present: The Notorious BIG Tribute Mixtape

Monday, March 9th 2009, exactly twelve years after his death.
In “The NOTORIOUS BIG Tribute” superproducers and remixers Cookin’ Soul flip the original samples used in Biggie’s classic albums “Ready to Die” and “Life After Death” into new beats and feature original appearances from a whole range of well known artists paying their respects doing what they do best, in a celebration of the late great rapper musical legacy.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Budden Banned From B-Town & Amalgam Signs Saigon

So apparently some "Boston Goons" felt disrespected when Joe showed up for a show in Boston and demanded that everybody who had nothing to do with the show get off the stage. Sounds funny? Not really. Any artist would ask for the same. Now this promoter and DJ are saying he is banned from the Bean. Corny? Yes. If they felt disrespected and were gonna do anything, wouldn't it have happened that night? Umm. On another note they also mentioned how Pun & Fat joe have caught it in Boston. Lol. Oh and Joe Budden rival,Saigon has signed with Boston based label Amalgam Digital for the release of his collaboration with producer/Dj Statik Selektah, the "All In A Day's Work" album. Check the audio link under the pic. Shouts to Nahright and All Of Boston!
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Edo G Warns Joe Budden

Friday, March 6, 2009

Jadakiss-Documentary Teaser


Leex of Tapemasters Inc hits up The Sneaker Hub in Union City,NJ for the scond edition of Kicks Of The Week. I'm diggin the Utah Jordan 6 rings pack.

Slaughterhouse Talk Greatest Singles

I found this interesting because me and my people do this all the time. But are shit is way more interesting. Matter of fact I'm bout to start blogging it. "DJ Klapton's HipHop Trivia" coming to blog near you!! Yea I'ma make that happen.

DJ Drama & Cookin’ Soul - The Notorious B.I.G. Tribute Mixtape (Trailer)

This looks like its gonna be a problem!! These producers are putting out hotter mixtapes than most of you DJ's and they are in Spain.

Culture IV Interview W/Joell Ortiz

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tom Gist-Let It Rain (Video)

No talking,just vibe.

Jim Jones-A Day In The Life

1st Photo From "A Day In The Life" Photo Series
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Jim Jones talks shopping at JC Penneys

Shouts to

Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Jay Rock & Raekwon - Pepsi Mic Smash

This was dope. Pepsi, good shit. I need some sponsorship, holla @ me!

Joe Budden TV: Floating Booty

Ok this is reach. But damn she's bad!! Keep it up Joey, get those hits!!

The Kid Daytona - Fly Shit Commercial

Kid Daytona and Cipha Sounds remake the classic Spike Lee & Jordan commercial. Peep the original below!

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee Commercial

Vimby: Outasight

Vimby takes you in the studio with Outasight & 6th Sense and Outasight sets the place on fire literally @ a NY performance. Check it out!