Thursday, December 31, 2009

LuGuz-#2010 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)



LuGuz Top 5 Albums of 2009 #2

What up yall!! Almost #2010! Make sure ya enjoy the last hours of 09.. In the meantime enjoy the number 2 album of 2009 on my list... Kid Cudi "man on the moon" everyone can tell you I was hesitant at first to listen to the album but man thank god I brought and listened! I believe it is one of the most inspirational innovative albums of 2009! This album gave me a lot of inspiration! Minus the skinny jeans and tight clothes attire lol kid cudi is an awesome artist deff can't wait to hear the new album! #2010 a couple hrs away! Back to the moet rose! Enjoy! -LuGuz
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Rick Ross Ft. The Dream “All I Really Want” (Video)

Don't ask me why. This is just dope! Beautiful country + Beautiful women + Dope song=Dope Video

Inception Movie Trailer #2 Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Next 48 Hours With Wale Finale (Part 3)

(*Late Pass) Check out this last installment. The people don't lie! "Numbers come secondary to impact."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

LuGuz Top 5 Albums of 2009 #3

What up blogworld? Well as promised here's my third pick for albums of 2009... Yes Eminems Relapse! Great comeback for Marshall! This album literally made me remember how fun my high school years were. The concepts the flows the whole album to me was flawless not to mention a couple songs that couldve been left off the tracklisting but we all can't be perfect lol! Anyway great album great listen.. And gotta love eminem when he's on his crazy jaw dropping shit! My favorite line; from "medicine ball" "put christopher reeves on a unicycle with a kickstand push em and roll his ass right into quicksand, hey you need a hand big man hang on to this branch" lol classic! I didn't get the quote 100 percent correct but like I said before "we all can't be perfect" #2 coming soon! Till next time -LuGuz
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Drunk W/ Capone,Nore,Busta Ryhmes & LuGuz (Video)


While on tour with Raekwon in NY, CNN caught up with Busta Rhymes and Luguz. Check out some footage of a drunk Capone spitting some freestyles, a half-sober Nore & Busta Rhymes speaking on Busta’s appearance on the original “The War Report” album for the track “Driver’s Seat”. Capone-N-Noreaga’s “The War Report 2″ coming 2010.

Isn’t it funny that N.O.R.E. is the Drink Champ, yet Pone is always the drunkest! Ha!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A.P. Lost Luggage (Video) Ft.Mark Vodery

Another video off of "Terminal A". Directed By The Warhols "Terminal A" available on iTunes & major internet outlets!

All Bets Down: A.P. "Lost Luggage" VIDEO featuring Mark Vodery from All Bets Down Entertainment on Vimeo.

LuGuz Top 5 Albums Of 2009 #4

Back again real quick yall! Last one for today I will post #3 and #2 tommorrow. #4 on my list is Deeper Then Rap by Rick Ross. Once again I know people will be upset but hey you have to give credit where credits due. This man went up against 50 cent (see previous post) and stood on his own. We all thought he would fail due to 50s track history of ending careers but Ross surpassed through all of that with another #1 album, videos, internet exposure, etc. He truly proved why he is the Boss! And not to mention the album was hot! Straight up! Beats concepts, direction.. It was put together very well... My personal favorite track valley of death! Owwww! Anyway just my thoughts! Don't get your panties in a bunch! Ha! I'm gone! -LuGuz
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LuGuz Top 5 Albums of 2009 #5

What up blogworld? Its everyones favorite fatboy! LuGuz! Get used to my posts cause you will see them frequently lol.. As far as today I will be releasing my top 5 albums of 2009... #5 on my list Before I Self Destruct.. I believe a lot of people slept on this album and I thought it was vintage 50 at its finest... Don't judge me just my opinion! Even though Klap begs to differ! Ha! Ill be back soon -LuGuz
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Skillz-09 Rap Up

It's that time year again! Spotted @ illRoots
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Joe Budden performs new track from The Great Escape

Spotted @ MissInfo's With about 80% of the crowd made up of dudes that took either a bridge or a tunnel to get to the venue, Jersey was in clear support.

A.P.-Terminal A (Available on iTunes Now)

Go support the new project "Terminal A" from the homie A.P. I can tell you first hand that he worked crazy hard on this project. Jersey support! HipHop support! Click the image on the right hand column to preview and download on iTunes------------------->

A.P. - Terminal A

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Prophet (Movie Trailer (HD)

This movie looks dope and I was told you can see it online but let's keep that between me and you.

R.I.P. Giants Stadium

What a year for NY sports. The Yankees take home their 27th world series in their 1st year in the brand new stadium and the Giants lose their last game in their old stadium. Even though they are just moving across the parking lot, it's very sad to see them end their 34 year history with the stadium the way that they did yesterday againt the Panthers. WTF? The Panthers? I'm baffled. I just know that a whole bunch of people are losing their jobs!

New York Giants embarrassed by Carolina Panthers in stadium finale

"The Giants left the field following an embarrassing 41-9 blowout to the underachieving Panthers that ended the 34-year history of this team in this stadium pretty much the way they opened it." Click HERE for the full article.

Anthony Hamilton-Sold Out 08-09 (Video)

Anthony Hamilton Sold Out '08-'09 from Maestro on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just Blaze-Baseline Studio History W/ LTD Mag

If you know like how I know,then you know that Baseline Studios is legendary. Who better to tell a history of the studio then the current owner Just Blaze? But is it true that the studio is shutting down? You don't find out much about that in this video but Just talks about some interesting things that went down @ Baseline. "If these walls could talk...."

LTD Presents Conversations: Just Blaze (Episode #1) from LTD Magazine on Vimeo.

A Day in the Life with Birdman

Say what you want about this guy but he don't stop. Follow this guy and see the life of a real mogul.


Friday, December 25, 2009

"Alma" Short film

I know, I know. This shit is pretty weird but its dope. Just check it out! From pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas.

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Nucci Reyo-Pray For Me Pt.3 (Music For the Listener) (Hosted By DJ Scarface)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD---->Nucci Reyo-Pray For Me Pt.3 (Music For the Listener) (Hosted By DJ Scarface)

Footlocker Robbed in ATL for Space Jams (Video)

Can't wait for the security footage. Should be classic.

Maestro Knows-Episode 3 Ibn Jasper

If you don't know who Ibn Jasper, this video will explain.

Maestro Knows - Episode 3 (Ibn Jasper) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Mike Posner & Puma Presents:Back Home To Michigan (Video)

Puma presents: "One Foot Out The Door" Episode 5: University of Michigan from Mike Posner on Vimeo.

Money Malc-Premeditated Murder (Mixtape Download)


Nucci Reyo-Music For The Listener (Video)

Nucci Reyo - Pray For Me pt 3 Music For The Listener from TheKingsKid NucciReyo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kanye West in the studio making "A Star Is Born"

Audio is terrible but still dope to see, nontheless. Spotted @ FakeShoreDrive

KanYe making Everyday A Star is Born for Blueprint 3 from Dillaman on Vimeo.

Creative Control Tv: SKI BEATZ: I GOT MINE

Ski Beatz ft. Nicole Wray, Stalley, Ras Kass, Tabi Bonney

SKI BEATZ: I GOT MINE from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Neako-Ready To Go (Junk Food Coming Soon)

Neako is definitely in my top 5 artist coming up out of Jersey. "Junk Food" mixtape coming Jan. 2010

Neako-Ready To Go

10 Deep Skate Promo

10.Deep skate team hits the chinatown park from 10.DEEP Skateboarding on Vimeo.

N.O.R.E. Analyzes "The War Report"

Classic! Ima support the second 1 just cause.

Money Malc-Gangsta Luv (Freestyle)

"Premeditated Murder" mixtape out December 25th

Money Malc-Gangsta Luv (Freestyle)

Lil Wayne:The Nino Brown Story PT.2 Preview (Video)

Shouts to Brick City's own Scoob Doo! He's stays on his grizz.

Kicks Of The Day:Oshman’s x Mita x New Balance 1500

Hottest pair of New Balances I seen in a minute. Spotted @ and more info HERE

XXX Toyota Commercial (Video)

Lmao @ the Father jump for joy at the end. Apparently this was banned in Australia. Spotted @ TheLifeFiles

Lil' Wayne-Rebirth (Commercial Video)

Lil Wayne Rebirth from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Belly of the Beat: A Visit To A1 Records Store

Thought this was pretty dope. Haven't been to A1 but Ive heard the name mentioned thousands of times over the years. I think its time to get over there. Video Spotted YoungKings

The Belly of the Beat from Gasface on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pitbull-Most Music Video Views This Year @ 84Million

84 Million views!? Sh*tttt! And this is my first time seeing the video, no lie.

1. Pitbull “I Know You Want Me” (82+ million views)
2. Miley Cyrus “The Climb” (64+ million views)
3. Miley Cyrus “Party in the U.S.A.” (54+ million views)
4. The Lonely Island “I’m On a Boat” (48+ million views)
5. Keri Hilson “Knock You Down” (35+ million views)

Onyx Ft. Jay-Z? YES!

Onyx “The Real Black Rock” (Dame Dash Diss) Apparently Onyx is not to happy w/ Dame Dash's new venture with the Black Keys project "Black Roc", so they inlisted Jay-Z to help diss the project. Classic!! Sticky Fingaz Bitch!

LuGuz Ft. Smiffson,A.P. & Nucci Reyo-Way Before(2nd Look)

If you haven't caught LuGuz's un-released video from his project The Rock Premier Part 2, here is a second look from Onsmash.



Mick Boogie x Minoru Blvd

This is pretty dope. Spotted @ ThePressPlayShow

Mick Boogie from Luis Valdizon on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nore,Capone & LuGuz Chillin Before Raekwon Show Video

#Tigerbone I got to try it. PAUSE-A-ROO

Rihanna Ft. Young Jeezy- Hard Official Video

This chick is mean! Shitttt

The Next 48 Hours with Wale Pt. 2 (Video)

Shouts to @MarqusAkcent who does a incredible job @ editing these 48Hour series videos.

Donny Goines,AC & A.Pinks-Don't Let Me Down

Dope track. AC kills the hook. Spotted @ Mr.X's

Donny Goines,AC & A.Pinks-Don't Let Me Down
Emilio Sparks and Cloud Kicker clothing bring you "Kicks, Chicks, and Porno Flicks". A compilation album with all original music featuring Stalley,Donny Goines, Esso, AC, Curt@!n$, Outasight, 6th Sense and much more ! Production by Mike Cash, J. Glaze, Tekst, and Mighty Owe. The album also consists of skits taped live during Emilio's "Dego Show" on WSIA 88.9 fm

Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer

LuGuz ft Smiffson, A.P. & Nucci Reyo-Way Before (Video)

Unreleased video off The Rock Premier Part 2 mixtape which I hosted with Tapemasters Inc. Video was Directed By Alex Cables. If you haven't peeped the mixtape yet, check it out below.

LuGuz - Way Before ft Smiffson, A.P. and Nucci Reyo from LuGuz Media on Vimeo.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Blaze Interview w/ LTD-Mag (Teaser) Video

Cant wait for the full interview. Looks pretty interesting and sad all at once. Spotted @ NAHRIGHT

LTD Presents Conversations: Just Blaze (Episode #1 teaser) from LTD Magazine on Vimeo.

We recently heard that legendary Baseline recording studios was closing down, so for episode 1 we sat down with Just Blaze to discuss the history of Baseline and more. Check out the teaser and we’ll see you on December 23rd for the full interview

The Book of Eli Trailer W/Denzel Washington

Below is a excerpt of a interview w/ the Directors of the movie The Hughes Brothers Click HERE for the full interview

Complex: Whenever people talk about the Hughes Brothers, they bring up how Tupac allegedly jumped you for firing him from Menace. How do you feel being a part of his legend?

Allen: I’m fine with it. The perception that Tupac and us had beef, that was six months maybe of a three-year relationship, most of which was spent being really good friends. It used to bother me more because the stories of the actual incident—

Albert: The way it was reported, it was like, just tell the truth, man. Just say what it was. It was a beatdown, it was a jumping, it was an ambush.

Complex: So what actually happened?

Allen: It was me and Tupac who got in a scrap. Tupac definitely wasn’t doing nothing to me. That absolutely did not happen. He’s not here to defend himself but all I can say is it was 15 dudes and it was me. Even if you take the hyperbole, I’ll make it nine dudes. [Laughs.]

Albert: Tupac hit him from behind. Allen turned around and threw him on top of the car, had such a good grip on him and everybody had to pull him off Tupac and Allen had his chain and it snapped off in Allen’s hand. Tupac was like, “Go get my chain!” and he let everybody else go at my brother. Allen got beat up by like 15 guys but he stayed on his feet. I was going up to the set, and by the time I turned around the whole group was coming after me. I got chased away by three cars full of guys.

Old Jay-Z Interview in Newark,NJ

ThrowBack Video: Kanye West-Good Morning

Joell Ortiz & Frequency - Road Kill Mixtape

This dude is a beast and I can't wait for the next album.

Joell Ortiz & Frequency - Road Kill Mixtape DOWNLOAD

LRG Presents Outasight-Further Mixtape

LRG Presents Outasight-Further Mixtape DOWNLOAD

HEN-ROQ – “So Far To Go” World Premiere

Directed By Derek Pike

“Here is the first of three impromptu videos that I shot off of HEN-ROQ’s “Nightmare on South Park” album which will be released on December 22nd. In this first part, HEN-ROQ is enjoying a quiet afternoon and a little shopping with his side chick down 5th ave. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 to watch how this story unfolds…”

- Derek Pike

Monday, December 14, 2009

9five Eyewear 2010 Look Book

Not big on sunglasses but this video is dope and the girls are even dopeR.

9five Eyewear 2009 Lookbook from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.

Juelz Santana feat. Chris Brown - Back to the Crib (Official Video)

I think this song is dope and 1 of Juelz's best records to date. Why its not tearing up radio right now, I have no idea.

DJ Khalil Sits With Tha Bizness & Jake One In His Studio [Video]

Dj Khalil Sits With Tha Bizness x Jake One In His Studio from THA BIZNESS on Vimeo.

A Few Months Back Got A Chance To Get Up With One Of Our Good Friends & One Of The Dopest Producers Out Dj Khalil!! We Also Ran Into Our Seattle Homie Jake One At Khalil’s & He Took Time Out To Let Us Preview Some Music From His New Super Group The New Royales!! He Also Should Us One Of His Secret Production Weapons He Used To Make Jim Jones Smash “Love Me No More”!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jersey Shore Crew “We Don’t Pump Our Gas, We Pump Our Fists”


SnowMan Talk W/ Azie (Ex-Harlem Drug Dealer)

In the 80’s, kids already wanted to be like Mike. But some of them also looked up to AZ, Alpo or Rich… Guess what ? Most of them became rappers.
Azie and his partners lived the fast life in the 80’s, Jay-Z and Dame Dash made a movie about it in 2002.
Now 46, Azie sits in his X6 and reflects on his past in the game, why he never really liked crack, his sister’s boyfriend, nor the outcome of his Roc-A-Fella biopic, “Paid in Full”.

Part 1

Snowman Talk from Gasface on Vimeo.

Still sitting in the latest BMW spaceship, Azie discusses his former trade: having friends killing friends, market-sharing with older G’s, and venturing into italian territory.

Mobstyle’s frontman also talks Hip Hop, from the era when rappers made girls flee, to the time when one of ‘em scoop the badest R&B chick while claimin he’s “the twin brother of Rich Porter”…
Looks like things done changed, except one: rappers dreamin to be somebody they ain’t.
Oddly enough, this interview takes place in Sugar Hill, right by the school where Rich’s real bro got snatched.
Part 2

We See You Jockin Azie !!! (Snowman Talk Part.2) from Gasface on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne - Scared Money (Prod. By Boi-1da)

Not always the biggest fan of these two but this song goes hard. Pause. Spotted @ Nahright

Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne - Scared Money (Prod. By Boi-1da)

The Next 48 Hours With Wale (Video)

Outasight Signs W/ Asylum/Warner Music (Video)

I want to say congratulations to Outasight, who I have had a chance to meet and I can honestly say that he's a cool dude. CONGRATS! Can't wait for the new project. Spotted @ Nahright

Outasight Story/Signing Video (EPK) from Drebond Production on Vimeo.

We got a chance to document the signing of Aslyum/Warner’s newest artist, Outasight. The video tells Outasight’s story, starting with his modest beginnings and continuing through his recent success.

Be on the lookout for his new project, “Further” dropping for free download December 15th (courtesy of LRG clothing), and his album, “From Here to Eternity” dropping next year courtesy of Asylum/Warner.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UpDated: KiD CuDi - Pursuit of Happiness (Video) + (Steve Aoki Remix)

This is my favorite track off the album. Dope video

KiD CuDi - Pursuit of Happiness(Steve Aoki Remix)

Timbaland Ft. Drake- Say Something (Official Video)

Nike SB-This is Qatar Video

Spotted @ Hypbeast Filmed By Enrique Mayor

This is Qatar from Enrique Mayor on Vimeo.

Iverson's First Game Back As A Sixer

AI did his thing for his first game back in Philly. 11 points 5 rebounds 6 assists and 1 steal. Not bad...

Usher-"Raymond Vs. Raymond" Trailer Video

Yep, the chicks worked. I watched the whole thing.

Raymond Vs. Raymond from Usher Raymond on Vimeo.

Sade-Soldier Of Love

A new Sade track off her new album "Soldier of Love". Spotted @ ItsTheCalm

Sade-Soldier Of Love

Maestro Knows Episode 1 – 9th Wonder (3rd Season)

The new intro is dope Maestro! Yo real talk, Maestro's videos is the most interesting thing to hit the net since Nahright to me. Peep the new video and get ready for Season 3.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan & More Star In “Death At A Funeral” Trailer Video

LOL. This looks like a classic in the making. Chris and Martin are certified comedian legends and Tracy Morgan is certified retarded. LOLLLLL

Young Money- Bedrock (ft. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lloyd, Tyga, Gudda, Jae Millz) MUSIC VIDEO

Shouts to the other 1 million blogs that just posted this. I can't blame you, its a dope video.

Allen Iverson-40 Bars (MP3)

AI goes in over this beat. This was earlier in his career. Just like Mick Boogie said this track is not that bad considering this is hot

Allen Iverson-40 Bars (MP3)

Embedded Outtake: Common On J Dilla

Kinda sad but good to hear Common speak about J-Dilla. Spotted @


Another 1 from CreativeControl.TV. They are really doing some dope shit over there @ DD172. Can't wait for this Ski Beatz mixtape "24 Hour Karate School". The song they are recording in the video is for the mixtape and is called "Aerial".

'AERIAL' JIM JONES X CURREN$Y 24HR KARATE SCHOOL from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Avery storm Ft. Serius Jones-Baad Remix

Avery storm Ft. Serius Jones-Baad Remix


Ransom & Styles P-The Last Hope

New Ransom & Styles off "Purple Krushed Kush PArt 2" Spotted @ Nahright via Mr.X
Ransom & Styles P-The Last Hope

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kicks of the Day: Allen Iverson's Reebok The Answer 1's

It's incredible that Allen Iverson is back in Philly for another season. So I wanted to dedicate this post to the legend that is AI and to the hottest athlete sneakers next to MJ's respectably. So check out the throwback kicks,the comeback conference speech and some highlight videos. I'm not from Philly but I'm glad AI will end his career where he needs to be, home.

Allen Iverson Cries During Press Conference Announcing his Signing with Sixers

Allen Iverson Rookie Year Highlights

Allen Iverson Ankle Breakers

Allen Iverson: The Gladiator

Rain-Drama Hour Freestyle

The homie Rain rips it down on KaySlay's show The Drama Hour

Friday, December 4, 2009

Brooklyn's Finest Movie Trailer

From Antoine Fuqua changed the cop movie game with Training Day. Almost 10 years later, he’s treading familiar territory with next year’s Brooklyn’s Finest. The cast is stacked: Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes. Aside from big-name actors, the story seems somewhat compelling too. Sundance reviews were mixed, but what do they know? We might check this for ourselves when it drops in March.

Timbaland ft Drake - Say Something (Making of the video)

Alicia Keys Ft. Drake-Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) + Put It In A Love Song Ft. Beyonce

Sorry to get your hopes up but Drake is only featured on the song with some background vocals. Dope tracks. Can't wait for the album out Dec. 15th.

Alicia Keys-Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)

Alicia Keys Ft. Beyonce-Put It In A Love Song

Nas's DUI Arrest on Video

Wow. This is just sad. Jay-Z has won. Lol

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MTV's Jersey Shore

Hair Gel for days+Tanning cream+Tight ass T-Shirts=The Jersey Shore. Fuck! Where was I with a camera in my teenage years? I could have done like 8 episodes of this shit and sold it to MTV.

Last week, UNICO National, a group that bills itself as "The Largest Italian-American Service Organization in the USA", said the show should be shelved. An MTV promo clip promises to turn the spotlight on the "hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos" sharing a house this summer in Seaside Heights, Ocean County Read the rest HERE

Eminem-Elevator + Buffalo Bill (2 New Tracks off "Refill")

2 new tracks from the maniac off of "Refill" in stores 12/21. Spotted @ NAHRIGHT

Eminem-Buffalo Bill

A.P. "Late Arrival" (Video) "Terminal A" available on iTunes 12/29/09

Here is the first street video "Late Arrival" off of "Terminal A" Directed By The Warhols. All Bets Down! PAy Attention!

All Bets Down: A.P. "Late Arrival" Video from All Bets Down Entertainment on Vimeo.

Outasight - Rollin’ Wit’ Me Ep.12 + Artwork for Further project

Outasight is a dope new artist from Yonkers,NY. Check out his new video EP and the artwork below from his up-coming project Further sponsored by L-ifted R-esearch G-roup.

ROLLIN WIT' ME Ep. 12 (LA Edition pt.3) from Drebond Production on Vimeo.

DJ Khaled feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake - Fed Up (Video)

I am absolutely positively on my grizzy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jay Sean Ft. Sean Paul & Lil Jon - Do You Remember (Video)

I like this record. Call me crazy. The leading female is a problem. But when are they not? When is the last time you saw a wack leading female?

Lmao:Snoop Dogg Celebrity VoiceSkin for TomTom

This is just classic. Can anybody say "Christmas gift"?

Jimmy Kimmel on Snoop’s GPS System

G-Shock Watch Redman Edition

Brick City's own Redman gets his own G-Shock watch. It's a limited edtion,so if your interested get over HERE and copp up. Jerz!

Maestro Knows NYC Edition – 13th Witness

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (13th Witness) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.